For those who feel unsafe browsing on this site due to possible sexual abuse within your household, press the Safe Exit button at any time to switch your browser to Google and clear the back button. For even more protection, clear your browser history and open this site in an incognito window.

Child sexual abuse is predictable and preventable when we surround children with knowledgeable and outspoken adults.

Parents are called to protect their own children but they also have a unique opportunity to increase the safety of all children by inviting other parents in the community as well as youth-serving organization leaders who serve their children to become educated and actively participate in the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Children are often too ashamed or scared to tell their parents that they are being abused. Parents can position themselves as a trusted adult for their children's friends by simply talking about boundaries that stop abuse. Children will sense their comfort with the topic and therefore be more likely to tell.  

We encourage you to take our free on-line prevention training including our deep-dive modules on boundaries that protect children from sexual abuse.

Church youth programs are a magnet for child molesters because they provide the repeated access they need to abuse as well as a community of trust, tolerance, and forgiveness. Child molesters will want to be part of your church programs. So we also encourage you to purchase, read, and share our Founder's book entitled 8 Ways to Create their Fate: Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations with your church leaders. This book will guide your church leaders to create an environment where child molesters virtually cannot succeed without being caught and therefore won't want to work or volunteer. 

We all play a role in the resolution of the child sexual abuse pandemic
and we pray that you will join us in doing your part!