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The legal process that surrounds child sexual abuse cases can be overwhelming to say the least. What is the legal process after your child discloses and you report? What kind of evidence does the District Attorney need to file charges? What are the statute of limitations for adult survivors? What are your rights as a victim in the criminal court process? Can you sue your perpetrator or the organization they worked for in civil court? Join us as we explore the legal aspects of sexual abuse cases with a formal prosecutor and a criminal lawyer who specializes in victim’s rights and the trial attorney who represents abuse victims in civil court.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Michael Kinslow - Michael Kinslow is a trial lawyer. Since becoming admitted to the practice of law in California in 2005, his principal area of work is representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This work has taken Kinslow into courtrooms throughout the state and across the nation, helping to stem the damage caused to his clients and society by the epidemic of childhood sexual abuse. These efforts include both the litigation of individual cases and active participation in complex coordinated proceedings against large corporations who provided pedophiles access to children. Kinslow is a cum laude graduate of The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, where he was a member of The Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy, Moot Court and the National Trial Team. Currently, he is an associate with the Zalkin Law Firm PC. He is a member of The Honorable William B. Enright American Inn of Court, and a member of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan.

Michael L. Fell - Michael Fell is a California criminal lawyer and former prosecutor, who concentrates in representing victims under Marsy's Law, the state constitutional amendment that guarantees legal rights for victims of crime. He is the founder of Justice 4 Crime Victims (J4CV), representing crime victims and their families during the criminal prosecution of their offenders. J4CV offers legal representation to crime victims before, during and after the perpetrators have been tried for their crimes. Mike has represented victims’ families in such notable cases as the molestation-murder of San Diego teenager Chelsea King, and the deaths at the hands of a drunken driver of major league baseball pitcher Nick Adenhart, aspiring sports agent Henry Pearson and Cal State Fullerton cheer leading beauty Courtney Stewart, as well as the serious injury of former Cal State Fullerton baseball great Jon Wilhite.