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When crisis strikes how can we make the legal and recovery process as easy as possible for the victims and their families? We’ll have the opportunity to explore two successful models.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Manolo Guillen - Manolo works with the Institute for Public Strategies and has 20 years of experience in social services and youth advocacy. He has worked with hundreds of youth of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities and is an expert in the field of human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Manolo is the founder and director of the ACTION Network, a multidisciplinary coalition convened in San Diego, whose mission is to prevent the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. Manolo has worked as a consultant to the California Commission on Police Officer Standards Training (POST) to develop training programs on human trafficking and with the San Diego Regional Police Academy to design a binational law enforcement training program to address cross-border issues such as human trafficking and child pornography. He has spoken at international conferences, trained delegations from around the world, and has guest lectured at universities in the U.S. and Mexico on the topic of human trafficking and slavery.

Brian Beck – Brian is the father of a daughter who has been entangled in the web of sex trafficking.