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There's no better way to understand the impact of child sexual abuse than to experience the pain and healing through the angelic voice of a survivor. You will be moved to anger and to tears as you join Cici on her journey, as she shares it with you through song.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Cici Porter - Cici is a professional musician with over 30 years of experience as a performer, singer songwriter and recording artist. She has received local and national music awards, and has been featured in films and television. Cici is also an incest survivor, and having gone through her own healing process, she has begun using her musical talents to break the silence about child abuse. In 2001 Cici developed her "Journey to Wholeness Project" a CD and concert series dedicated to the healing and prevention of childhood sexual abuse. She has shared this material with survivors and their support systems all over the United States. Cici is also a wife and mother, teacher, painter and thriving member of her California community.