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Just because child sexual abuse happened TO YOU, does not mean it IS YOU. Join us as we explore one woman's transformational yoga program to help survivors recapture themselves and the joy they deserve and another woman's inspirational short story entitled Sinlessness.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Libbey Antiqua - Libbey is a shining example of how child abuse does not have to be a life sentence. Her unique healing approach allows her clients to see their traumas as fuel to live with more compassion and love than they ever could have minus their unique experiences. Antiqua has been certified to teach yoga and energy awareness for 18 years. Through the medium of yoga and self transformation she is a speaker, author and Joy coach. She has developed Twist Yoga's transformational 9 week yoga series and teacher training workshops which are nationally recognized and registered with yoga alliance. Antiqua is a natural food lover and certified as a Sports Nutrition Specialist registered with ISSA. This year she has been blessed to take what she does to the masses through internet courses and one and one coaching via the phone and Skype, so she can now help more survivors live victoriously.

Lisa Monaco Gonzales - Lisa is an author and advocate of child safety. Lisa graduated from Bryant College in Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science in business. Her corporate background is in sales, marketing, and training. As a survivor of sexual abuse, she learned early to push through obstacles with persistence and resilience. Through her speaking, Lisa brings resources and tools to help adults guard children against sexual predators. Through her children's books she empowers our adults of the future to speak out. Born and raised in Connecticut, Lisa now resides in sunny San Diego with her loving husband and two beautiful children.