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It's a normal and healthy process for children to separate from their parents as they grow up which means we can't always be there to protect them. However, we can teach them to recognize danger and empower them to use their voice in the face of danger and afterwards. In this hour we'll learn about tools that adults can use at home to teach kids about body safety.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Jill Starishevsky - Jill Starishevsky is an Assistant District Attorney in New York City,where she has prosecuted hundreds of sex offenders and dedicated her career to seeking justice for victims of child abuse and sex crimes.Outside the courtroom, Jill's fondness for writing led her to create, where she pens personalized pieces. Her mission to protect children, along with her penchant for poetry, inspired My Body Belongs to Me, a book intended to prevent child sexual abuse by teaching three to eight year old's their bodies are private.