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We’ll spend the next hour exploring the residential healing program by the Heal For Life Foundation in Australia. Their unique and affordable retreats provide a safe loving place where survivors of all ages can begin to heal from child sexual abuse and trauma. The programs are run by carers who are also survivors and therefore understand your pain, confusion, and suffering and can truly walk along side you.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Liz Mullinar AM - Liz Mullinar is the founder of Heal For Life Healing Centres for survivors of child abuse & trauma. She became involved as an advocate for survivors of abuse when she discovered that no-one was speaking out on behalf of those who have suffered trauma. She recovered her own memories at the age of forty-eight, of sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse and incest she had suffered from an early age and knew just how hard it had been to heal from the effects of her own trauma. Liz co-founded and subsequently ran the first national charity for people who had suffered childhood trauma – ASCA (Adults surviving Child Abuse) which now has 55 branches throughout Australia.

However, her real dream was to establish an affordable healing centre for survivors of childhood trauma and develop a replicable program for use throughout the world. This she has succeeded in doing Heal For Life still being unique in the world in offering a proven residential effective programme for survivors of all forms of childhood trauma.