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Learn about the child sexual abuse epidemic landscape in Europe including the role of The Council of Europe, legal instruments being used to combat sexual violence, current challenges being faced including child pornography and cybercrime and examples of current practices in member states.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Regina Jensdottir - Regina Jensdottir is currently the Head of the Children's Rights Policy Division which is responsible for launching and running of the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE Campaign to stop sexual violence against children. She is of Icelandic nationality and is a lawyer by profession, specialized in human rights and international public law. She has worked in many areas within the Council of Europe: minority languages, public and private law and is now the Council of Europe Coordinator on Children's Rights. She is in charge of the Programme "Building a Europe for and with Childre", which is a priority programme of the Council of Europe.

Marja Ruotanen - Ms. Marja Ruotanen is the Director of Co-operation within the Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs (DG-HL) of the Council of Europe. She has done her university studies at McGill (Montreal, Canada) in international relations and joined the Council of Europe in 1990. At the Council of Europe she has worked in the Parliamentary Assembly, Private Offices of three Secretary Generals. Presently she is responsible for all programmes implementing Council of Europe standards and following up on monitoring findings in the area of human rights and legal affairs.
Gordana Buljan Flander - Ms. Buljan Flander is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Director of the Center for Child Protection in Croatia, and Associate Professor at University of Zagreb and University of Osijek. She is also a permanent court expert for psychology (abused and traumatised children), as well as mentor to psychologists during their education for permanent court experts; Founder and scientific and professional programmes leader of non-government organisation Brave phone - help-line for abused and neglected children

Liri Kopaci-Di Michele - Ms Liri Kopaci-Di Michele is the Head of Information Society and Protection of Integrity of Persons Division at the Directorate of Co-operation of the Council of Europe. As part of her current responsibilities, she is overseeing the Council of Europe assistance and co-operation programmes in areas such as freedom of expression and protecting the rights of women and children. Her work includes the recently concluded project on strengthening and protecting women's and children's rights in Ukraine - a joint venture of the Council of Europe and the European Union.