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Raise your level of awareness about the risks of sexual abuse in Children's Homes and how history can teach us to minimize the risk. Also learn about extraordinary work being done to keep siblings connected when they've been placed in separate homes.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

David Whelan - David is the author of No More Silence published by Harper Collins, Chair of FBGA and advisor to UK and Scottish Governments on issues of historical abuse and how these affect adults today.

Delma Hughes - Delma is the Founder and Director of Siblings Together. She created and managed the first siblings camp for Looked After children in the UK 08', after extensive research; supported by the 'Careleavers Association' & 'A National Voice', Children's Right's & academics in child social care. Hughes, having experienced a childhood in care & knowing the pain- loss & separation of her own 6 siblings, she is determined to bring sibling camps into wider existence in the UK, understanding the real value of these initiatives for the young people they were created for.