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  • Advocacy After Abuse - A Key Element of Healing

    Survivors are uniquely qualified to teach us how abuse happens and how to prevent it. Even more important, those who have had the courage to cross the bridge from victim to a place of peace can inspire and guide others to do the same. We will have the opportunity in this hour to experience the encouragement and wisdom of two such survivors as they share their stories of abuse and how they're advocacy work is making a difference.

  • Asking the Question: "What Happened to You?"

    Understand how the standard medical model of diagnosis often fails to heal patients by focusing on the obvious symptoms rather than the underlying cause. You'll receive an introduction to the idea of trauma-informed care and practice across service systems. 

  • Bravehearts of Australia

    Learn how one non-profit in Australia is significantly impacting the child sexual abuse epidemic through their creative and highly visable public awareness campaign and how they have partnered with their local police to encourage disclosures from adult survivors which help the police spot trends of perpetrators that can be used in current case investigations.

  • Building a Europe for and with Children

    Learn about the child sexual abuse epidemic landscape in Europe including the role of The Council of Europe, legal instruments being used to combat sexual violence, current challenges being faced including child pornography and cybercrime and examples of current practices in member states.

  • Children in Care: Lessons Learned and Keeping Siblings Connected

    Raise your level of awareness about the risks of sexual abuse in Children's Homes and how history can teach us to minimize the risk. Also learn about extraordinary work being done to keep siblings connected when they've been placed in separate homes.

  • Embodied Violations : The Impact of Toxic Stress on Human Health

    Gain an understanding of how chronic distress such as sexual boundary violations creates lifelong health issues by weakening of the immune, hormone and nervous systems and how the lack of reasoning around complex health issues stemming from abuse results in continued emotional disturbance similar to that of the original violation. Thus the importance of recognizing the connection between health issues and the underlying cause.

  • Invisible in Plain Sight

    The child sexual abuse statistics in the Philippines are similar to that of other countries, impacting 18% of their children with 50% of those children abused by family members. Since 1997, the Child Protection Network as successfully created a network of child protection specialists and opened 40 child protection units across the country that provide a child friendly environment using a multidisciplinary approach and networking to delivery medical, psychological, social, and legal services to abused children and their families. Join us as we learn about this successful and highly effective model.

  • It Can Only Get Better: Addressing Child Sexual Abuse in India

    India's huge population, vast demographic differences and socio cultural complexities present challenges to addressing child sexual abuse. Get an insight and be inspired by four professionals from varied backgrounds who are breaking off chunks from the rock of denial, diffidence, ignorance and paranoia which epitomize the context.

  • Offenders Looking for the Vulnerable - A Swedish Perspective

    There are many things that make a child vulnerable to sexual abuse and we'll look at two scenarios that we can all learn from. First, we'll explore a coach-athlete relationship and how one pedophile used his position of power to his advantage. We'll also explore how some pedophiles travel to other countries where kids are more vulnerable. We'll discuss how in both cases, we can spot offenders' activities and protect kids.

  • Prevention is the best way!

    Learn about the process, challenges and ultimate success of creating and marketing a new community child sexual abuse prevention initiative.

  • The Journey of Sexual Trauma Treatment - From Surviving to Living

    In this hour, we'll discuss the current state of the child sexual abuse pandemic in Hong Kong and the unique cultural pressures that feed the problem. In addition, we'll learn about the great strides they're making in healing survivors through a variety of approaches including music, art and drama therapy. 

  • The National Network for Rape Prevention in New Zealand

    In this segment, we will focus on how New Zealanders have created a national network for addressing sexual violence which incorporates indigenous and non-indigenous community members in the prevention effort.

  • Treatment and Prevention Programs for Child Sexual Abuse in Israel

    Learn about the great strides being made in Israel in the area of both child sexual abuse prevention and treatment as well as the challenges they have overcome and continue to face in the area of program responsibility, funding and offender management.

  • Who Knows What Survivors Need, Better Than Survivors

    We’ll spend the next hour exploring the residential healing program by the Heal For Life Foundation in Australia. Their unique and affordable retreats provide a safe loving place where survivors of all ages can begin to heal from child sexual abuse and trauma. The programs are run by carers who are also survivors and therefore understand your pain, confusion, and suffering and can truly walk along side you.