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In 2007, Diane Cranley founded TAALK, a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the silence that surrounds child sexual abuse. After publishing her first her book entitled 8 Ways to Create Their Fate: Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations in 2015, Diane established a consulting company based on that work. In 2021, TAALK dissolved their non-profit status and ceased operations and Diane acquired the rights to TAALK's name and trademarks and rolled TAALK's programs under her consulting company to carry forward the original mission.

Over the past fourteen years, Diane has become a leading change agent in the prevention of child sexual abuse by sharing her holistic approach. She has taken the immense complexities of the child sexual abuse pandemic and condensed them into a set of prevention best practices that are clear and actionable. These best practices provide the foundation for strategically identifying and mitigating the risks of child sexual abuse. Diane’s prevention training has been viewed over a million times by California school employees in the past five years and is now available through school risk pools and insurance providers in 28 states and internationally. This training helps schools and other youth-serving organizations make impactful strides towards creating a brighter safer tomorrow for the students in their care.

As an abuse survivor herself by someone outside the family and the parent of a survivor, Diane understands the importance of having the right information at the right time, connecting with others who have walked the path before you, and knowing you are not alone.This understanding has led Diane to design all of her programs to meet the needs of each person, when they need it. Whether that need is prevention training, validating suspiscions, responding to a child's disclosure, reporting abuse, healing from the consequences of abuse, referrals for offender treatment, or advocate training, Diane has information that can help. 

Diane's vision is to connect millions of people from around the world so we can all learn from and support each other.