For those who feel unsafe browsing on this site due to possible sexual abuse within your household, press the Safe Exit button at any time to switch your browser to Google and clear the back button. For even more protection, clear your browser history and open this site in an incognito window.

  • Are you knowledgeable?

    Child sexual abuse is predictable and preventable when we surround children with knowledgeable and outspoken adults. 

    Take our free child sexual abuse prevention training!

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  • Stoplight Magnets

    How do you help your children tell when they don't have the words?

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  • 8 Ways to Create their Fate

    Your Guide to Protecting the Sexual Abuse of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations

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TAALK is dedicated to equipping and empowering advocates all over the world to teach their communities how to reduce children's vulnerability to sexual abuse and to support survivors through the healing process. 

This six-topic (8 class) series is designed to provide people seeking to become child sexual abuse advocates a well rounded understanding of how to create an effective child sexual abuse initiative in their community. We'll discuss how to ensure success of your initiative through sound business skills and long-term relationship management.

TAALK began this child sexual abuse advocacy series with the intent of starting TAALK Chapters nationally but the program was not successful for a variety of reasons. Therefore, TAALK no longer offers this training with the intention of launching TAALK Chapters or having direct oversight of the advocates who take the training, not even as volunteers.

That said, the training is is deep and broad and we want the value of these courses to be available to as many people as possible, even though the formal program is no longer in place. So, we are currently offering the 8 courses at no charge to anyone who seeks to become an independent advocate in their community or just wants to learn more. We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable training!

An advocate's completion of the classes does not permit them to represent themselves as a TAALK affiliate in any way, other than to say they have completed the training. We are working to create integrated testing within the training so that advocates will receive a certificate of completion for each course but as of this time, certificates are not available. We are offering these courses because we want you to learn from our experience so that you can be more effective more quickly in your own efforts to advocate for kids in your community.